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On October 24th, Beijing time, at 10 pm on Saturday night, the most watched battle of La Liga: Barcelona VS Real Madrid is about to start, and the big data of Guoguo Kanqiu still maintains very good efficiency in the past few days. Yesterday The Bundesliga and the Chinese Super League continue to win all of them. The Dutch second team won 6 of the 8 games and returned to today’s La Liga. This is the first national derby to be played empty in history. Both teams are currently suffering from internal and external problems. The state is normal, but the old rivals are extremely jealous when they meet. Can the collision of giants tonight be revived? let us wait and see.


Needless to say, Barcelona has had many twists and turns this year. They lost the league title, suffered 82 tragedies in the Champions League, coupled with Messi’s departure from the team and Koman’s cleanup work, which have left Barcelona in turmoil in recent months. However, the civil turmoil has not yet ended. The club has recently been caught in a salary cut. Most players headed by Messi are opposed to the salary cut. Bartomeu has been impeached again with many problems. Looking back, Koeman has no effect on Barcelona's reorganization. After winning Villarreal and Celta in a row, the Barcelona team once saw the dawn of revival, but the home game Draw against Sevilla and lose to Getafe in the away game. The fans’ dreams were instantly shattered. With 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, Barcelona’s start to the new season is still not ideal.

毋庸置疑,巴塞罗那今年有很多曲折。他们失去了联赛冠军,在可以玩滚球的正规app欧洲冠军联赛中遭受了82次悲剧,再加上梅西离开球队和科曼的清理工作,这在最近几个月使巴塞罗那陷入动荡。但是,内乱尚未结束。俱乐部最近被减薪。以梅西为首的大多数球员都反对减薪。 Bartomeu再次被弹with,遇到许多问题。回顾过去,科曼对巴塞罗那的重组没有任何影响。在连续赢得比利亚雷亚尔和切尔塔之后,巴塞罗那队曾经看到复兴的曙光,但是主场比赛对塞维利亚的平局却在客场比赛中输给了赫塔菲。歌迷的梦想瞬间破灭。巴萨以2胜1平1负的成绩开始新赛季仍然不理想。

The current list of players against Real Madrid has come out, Alba will return tonight, goalkeeper Ter Stegen will continue to miss tonight's game due to injury, Umtiti is also unable to play. Earlier there was a lot of news that Griezmann will become the core player under Koman's new lineup, but we see that in the Champions League, Griezmann is still sitting on the bench. Is it to stay for the national Derby? It is more likely that the Frenchman still has not gained the trust of the coach. On the one hand, he missed consecutive single-handed opportunities in the game against Getafe. On the other hand, the French publicly questioned Coman’s position arrangement and the relationship between the two. Also very subtle. Messi’s performance is still the biggest highlight tonight. He has scored 26 goals in 43 national derby games. Messi is already the best scorer in national derby history, but what’s interesting is that since Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid, Messi is in the country. Derby never scored a goal again. Can he set his own record tonight? let us wait and see.

目前针对皇马的球员名单已经出来,阿尔巴今晚将重返赛场,守门员泰尔·史蒂根因受伤将继续错过今晚的比赛,乌姆蒂蒂也无法参赛。早前有很多消息称格里兹曼将成为科曼新阵容的核心球员,但是我们看到在冠军联赛中,格里兹曼仍然坐在板凳上。是留给国家德比队吗?法国人很可能仍未获得教练的信任。可以玩滚球的正规app一方面,他在与赫塔菲的比赛中错过了连续的单手机会。另一方面,法国公开质疑科曼的职位安排以及两者之间的关系。也很微妙。梅西的表现仍然是今晚最大的亮点。他在43场德比全国比赛中打进26球。梅西已经是全美德比历史上最好的得分手,但有趣的是,自克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)离开皇马以来,梅西就在该国。德比再也没有进球。他今晚可以创造自己的纪录吗?让我们拭目以待。

Although Real Madrid won the league title last season, this does not mean how well they played, or that the main reason is the sluggish performance of their opponent Barcelona last season, which made it much easier for them to win the championship. Zidane’s defensive and offensive tactics have been repeatedly frustrated in the new season and have been questioned, but in fact, it’s not that Zidane doesn’t want to attack, but Real Madrid’s offensive end has no one available. , Has been opposed by the club, but Real Madrid's current frontcourt can't really support the La Liga giants' championship dream.

尽管皇家马德里上赛季赢得了联赛冠军,但这并不意味着他们打得不错,或者主要原因是上赛季对手巴塞罗那的表现低迷,这使他们更容易获得冠军。齐达内的防守和进攻战术在新赛季屡屡受挫并受到质疑,但实际上,并不是齐达内不想进攻,但皇马的进攻端无人可利用。 ,一直受到俱乐部的反对,但是皇马目前的前场不能真正支持西甲巨人的冠军梦。

After losing consecutive games, Zidane was also caught in a get out of class storm, especially in the last round of the Champions League Real Madrid lost to a number of miners who were absent from the main players. Dane's candidate. However, Zidane has not lost five times at the Nou Camp, and his confidence is quite sufficient. In this national derby, Galeries Lafayette Florentino also personally went with the team, and the degree of importance is obvious. The good news is that Ramos will return in today's game, which makes Real Madrid's defense more stable. The confrontation between him and Messi is also one of the biggest highlights of tonight.


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