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Xinhua reporters Yao Youming, Li Yanan and Zhang Bowen

ξ年华reporter sy AO you名, l i ya男and Zhang Bowen

   Considering the prevention and control of the epidemic, the 2020 National Gymnastics Championship in Xi’an became an empty competition, but when the Olympic champion Yang Wei appeared in the live broadcast signal, it still caused a commotion among the volunteers and staff on the scene.


   Yang Wei has a neat suit and is different from the former national teammate Huang Xu who is sitting in the guest seat watching the game. The position of the three Olympic gold medalist is the senior referee's seat for this tournament.


"I have been a referee for almost two Olympic cycles. I may have the opportunity to go to the Tokyo Olympics as a representative of the Chinese Gymnastics Association next year." Yang Wei said, "According to the referee system of the International Gymnastics Federation, each of the men's six individual events Each project must have a technical representative. The technical representative is the senior referee of our domestic competition. The senior referee will guide the specific judging work of the project. If each referee team has doubts or disputes about the technical understanding, the senior referee The referee will solve it."


"Maybe the domestic senior referees are a bit more rigorous than the technical representatives of international competitions. In this competition, the senior referees are also responsible for the daily life of the referees, including work and rest, systems, etc. All scoring items will be affected by human factors. , But I think the rule-binding force of gymnastics is the strongest among them." Yang Wei said.


   The match on the 23rd was the men's and women's all-around finals of this championship. As the champion of the men's all-around gymnastics at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Yang Wei also talked about the big difference in mood between athletes and referees when they participate in and judge competitions.


"When you are an athlete, you have to consider how to exert your strength during the game. Just follow the coach's guidance and do our entire set of movements as you did during training. The refereeing work is actually equivalent to a law of gymnastics. As a referee, you have to clearly understand how each athlete's score is obtained after the complete set of actions. After the referee, I discovered that the referee is the basis and criterion for all athletes' training." Yang Wei said.


   In addition to the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, the 14th National Games will also be held in Shaanxi Province. Yang Wei said frankly that the two competitions with a short interval will bring great difficulties to the domestic elite athletes in preparing for the competition. At the same time, the National Gymnastics Championship and the National Gymnastics Championship will be held in September and October this year, respectively, to allow them to adapt to the rhythm of next year's competition.


"If the two matches are relatively close, there will be a problem that athletes can't recover from physical fatigue. However, there have been cases where the World Championships and the Asian Games are very close before." Yang Wei said, "It will be held twice this year in a short time. National competitions are affected by the epidemic and many competitions at home and abroad have been suspended. If the competition is not put in effort and responsibility, then many athletes may not be tested by the competition throughout the year, and it is impossible to do so. Finding and solving some problems before entering winter training will affect our preparations for the Tokyo Olympics."


   After retiring in 2009, in addition to actively qualifying for referees, Yang Wei also appeared on TV entertainment programs, was a guest commentator for the game, and opened a gymnastics club. He told reporters that every identity is an attempt to popularize and promote gymnastics, so that this project can truly reach the people. (Finish)

在2009年退休后,除了积极晋级裁判员资格外,杨伟还出现在电视娱乐节目中,担任比赛的客串评论员,并开设了一家体操俱乐部。他告诉记者,每一个身份都是试图普及和促进体操,从而使这个项目真正地触及人们。 (完)

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