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Pirlo's debut was quite successful and he allowed Juventus to start the season with a whole new look. However, Pirlo's team still encountered problems when they encountered the more powerful Roma. It can be seen that the Juventus coach has his own unique ideas in tactics, but the Juventus system still has room for improvement.


In the game against Sampdoria, Juventus' attack was smooth and efficient. Especially Ramsey is almost omnipotent. Today Pirlo chose Morata to start. In theory, after increasing the striker speed, Juventus should be able to better play the advantage of depth. But fans who watched the game knew that this was not the case.


As in the first league match, Juventus' formation today is also switching between three guards and four guards.


We see that when Juventus advances from the backcourt with the ball, Danilo generally retracts and stays in the backcourt as the third central defender.


Quadrado often overwhelms the center line. He and Kulu actually played the role of widening the wing guard.


The difference between Juventus and the first game is that the two wingback players are not in their most familiar positions. Kulu is an attacking midfielder, and Quadrado is a right-footed player on the left. So the problem arises, the two wingbacks of Juventus can not really widen the width of the team.


For example, this time when McKenney made a long pass from the backcourt, Kulu squeezed the defender away with the ball from the side. At this moment, Rome's ribs actually appeared empty. But no one responded, and Kulu's back pass was destroyed by his opponent. The attack was executed successfully in the initial stage. But Kulu is a midfielder with a tall stature. He couldn't directly start and advance along the wing, so the first time he took the ball was back protection. Then he observed for a while, did not find a route to contact his teammates in the middle, but decided to pass back instead of breaking through himself. We can see that Kulu has the advantage of height and strength on the right, but he needs his teammates to respond.


Going to Tukulu also took the ball on the right and also faced two defensive players. But with Ramsey in his ribs, he can play his technical advantage and work with his teammates to penetrate Roma's defense. In the end, Ramsey's pass to the goal was also extremely threatening.


But such a picture is rarely seen in this game. Because Ramsey is scheduled to fan activities in the left half today, he rarely goes to the right. The reason why he can cooperate with Kulu above is because of Juventus' second corner kick, and many players have not returned to their positions. For most of the time, Kulu lacked support and it was difficult to widen the width.


Quadrado, who switched to the left, is not useless today.


In the picture above, he used his speed to receive Bonucci's long pass on the wing and passed it back to Ronaldo in time. The Portuguese superstar made a breakthrough in making a breakthrough. This offense demonstrated the value of Quadrado. He drove deep with speed to create space for Ronaldo behind him. But why is Quadrado's performance still unsatisfactory today?


Look at this time, Danilo made a diagonal pass from the backcourt. But Quadrado couldn't get the first point.


After getting the ball back, Roma immediately launched a counterattack, using Dzeko to transfer to the weak side. We see Quadrado quickly returned to the penalty area from the frontcourt, but still failed to hold Dzeko. The latter swayed Chiellini, who was in the penalty area, very easily, but unfortunately the shot finally hit the goal post.


It is not enough for Juventus to find players on both wings through long passes. As mentioned above, Quadrado has speed but no height, and Kulu has height but no speed. The former can not guarantee the success rate of the ball, the latter can take the ball but it is difficult to play without a response.


If the wing is because the players are not in a position they are familiar with, then Juventus is more of a configuration problem. The two defensive midfielders Rabiot and McKenney are both tall and powerful players, and their skills are not bad. Especially Rabiot, also has a good propelling ability. However, in the case of oppression, the frequency of actions of the two tall players is slow, unable to complement each other and making mistakes easily.


Rabiot's red card was of course caused by his own mistakes. But we should not ignore that in the process of this forward pass, both Rabiot and Kulu who received the ball are tall players. They have no way to complete the turn when catching the ball, or sideways. Kulu sent back directly, Rabio wanted to turn around and get rid of it. However, because of the high frequency and slow speed, he was stuck in his position when turning around. In a hurry, he received a second yellow card for a foul and was sent off by the referee.


Juventus played smoothly in the first league game because both Quadrado and Danilo on the right can dribble the ball and share the pressure of the two midfielders. And Samp’s overall strength is limited, unable to continue to press Juventus midfielder on defense. In this game, Pirlo made adjustments in multiple positions, allowing some players to appear in unfamiliar positions. At the same time, the overall strength of Roma is stronger, giving Juventus a lot of pressure.


In this case, Juventus will not be able to open the mid and wide sides. So they have Cristiano Ronaldo, Ramsey and Morata in the frontcourt, but they can't play deep. The offensive success rate dropped sharply and was continuously converted by Rome.


For example, this time Kulu and McKenney missed the ball in the middle of the match. Mkhitaryan started to take the ball all the way forward in the middle circle without interference. Bonucci was easily passed one-on-one. Only Mkhitaryan's last shot was of average quality, and Juventus escaped.

可以玩滚球的正规app例如,这次库鲁和麦肯尼在比赛中间错过了球。姆赫塔良安(Mkhitaryan)开始将球一直推到中圈,一直没有干扰。 Bonucci轻松一对一地通过。只有姆赫塔良(Mkhitaryan)的最后一发才是中等水平,尤文图斯(Jventus)逃脱了。

This time Juventus set the ball in the frontcourt and failed to control the ball from the periphery. Roma quickly hit the ball to the frontcourt, Juventus defensive players could not be in place in time, only watching Weilertu score.


Pirlo replaced Artur, showing that he has a clearer view of the situation on the court. The Brazilian midfielder can enhance Juventus' ball-handling ability and complement Rabiot. It's just that Artur hasn't played long before the Frenchman made a mistake and was sent off, resulting in Juventus playing one less. Even so, Juventus, after increasing midfield control, still evened the score.


Bentankul and Atul first controlled the ball in the frontcourt and then handed it to Douglas Costa. The Brazilian dribbled the ball to the side, Danilo crossed to assist Ronaldo and scored.

Bentankul和Atul首先在前场控制了皮球,然后将其交给了Douglas Costa。巴西人向一侧运球,达尼洛越过球协助罗纳尔多进球。

In the absence of one man, Juventus increased midfield possession not to make a breakthrough directly from the center, but to stabilize the rhythm and accumulate strength.


For example, this time Artur used running on the wing to drain the physical strength of the Roma players, while giving the backcourt teammates breathing time.


After returning the goalkeeper, Juventus reorganized the attack. This time they broke through the Roma midfield defense line through cooperation on the right and smoothly advanced the offense to the frontcourt.


It's the same this time. Artur didn't lose the ball in the middle of the press, and could transfer to the left in time. Chiellini then successfully passed the ball to the frontcourt.

这次是一样的。 Artur并没有在传球中途丢球,可以及时转移到左边。基耶利尼随后成功将球传给了前场。

As a strong Serie A team, Roma has created a lot of pressure on Juventus. If they were better able to seize opportunities today, they could have taken away three points. Of course, for Juventus, the setback in this game is not a bad thing. Pirlo will inevitably encounter problems in testing new styles of play. It is very important to discover problems in time at the beginning of the season and find solutions.


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